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Annoyed ( reported on 920-497-0079
This review created on 2014-04-18T16:42
Rude, Rude, Rude! Caller ID came up as Moore, C. (so you think that it"s a personal phone??). "Phyllis" began to speak the moment I picked up and gave the canned solicitation about the Shrine Circus and sponsoring children, when I replied that our business was not able to donate she said "Well, any small"s not about me, it"s about the kids..." I replied that I am well aware of whom it is about and said again, "Unfortunately, we will not be able to donate" and ended the call. She called back telling me I was rude and unprofessional!! That in order for them to stop calling me she needed my last name and I told her "I"m sorry, I don"t give that out". She snapped back at me as I was hanging up the phone - "Well, they"re just going to keep calling back then!!"
Recent reviews in Area Code 920
C R ( reported on 512-465-2857
This review created on 2014-04-18T16:16
Offensive phone call from this number. Politely told him I wasn"t interested in his services and hung up. He repeatedly called me back and when I answered yelled at me and hung up the phone. Highly inappropriate.
Recent reviews in Area Code 512
Been Burned By Rob Adams ( reported on 757-448-7908
This review created on 2014-04-18T15:49
Rob Adams of Virginia is a total scammer. Sells gun items, photography services, and baseball cards. Don"t expect to get anything once you pay him. Many have filed charges against him.
Recent reviews in Area Code 757
Mello ( reported on 702-895-7707
This review created on 2014-04-18T00:42
Originally called 702-696-9696. After asking for a person I was looking for I was told I had the wrong number. I then received a callback from 702-895-7707. I wasn"t able to answer because I was on another call, but when I was done I called back the number thinking it was the person I was looking for. Was I wrong!!!! This person CURSED ME OUT saying that I was harassing them, that they were going to report me. I hung up after trying to explain I was just calling back the number that called me. They then called me an additional 3 times before I finally answered and the female continued to yell at me, saying that I was harassing them. Note I called the 9696 number once and returned a call to 7707. All I can say is PSYCHO!!!!!! Whoever that person is don"t bother with them because they are PSYCHO!!!!!!
Recent reviews in Area Code 702
Amanda ( reported on 917-719-1534
This review created on 2014-04-17T18:25
This is phone number is a complete scam. Please be careful when you receive a text asking for your email address and wanting to discuss Mary Kay products. If you think it is weird than go with your gut feeling every time becuase it is weird.
Recent reviews in Area Code 917
LOUIS ( reported on 561-880-2974
This review created on 2014-04-17T14:10
This company is a Great Service for Health Insurance. Their plans range from a low of $98 and up. The also have affordable accident and dental plans.
Recent reviews in Area Code 561
John ( reported on 203-758-5549
This review created on 2014-04-17T05:07
Numerous faxes with obscenities being sent from this number - Very Irritating. Reverse phone lookup shows Elaine D. Parker. I have contacted the FBI.
Recent reviews in Area Code 203
******off ( reported on 604-444-1263
This review created on 2014-04-16T22:16
"PSV Power and Steam" Located at 3610 Bonneville Pl Burnaby, BC. I suggest calling thier head office and complaining they have been bothering me for about 3 years on and off and the calls stopped when I angrily called and complained to the head office > (604) 444-0355
Recent reviews in Area Code 604
Fremont Resident reported on 712-884-3030
This review created on 2014-04-16T19:56
I keep receiving a phone call from this number and never leaves a message. I tried calling the number back but it doesn"t give you an option to leave a message.
Recent reviews in Area Code 712
Sweetie ( reported on 815-287-0441
This review created on 2014-04-16T17:02
815-287-0441 has made repeated phone calls to my home phone, which is not Martin Chriropractic. The man called Jeff used the "f" word when I asked several times for him to identity the business he was calling. A person named Gina at least finally told me the business she was trying to reach. When I told her she had the wrong number she said she would put me on the Do Not Call List and hung up. I believe we should be already on the Do Not Call list.
Recent reviews in Area Code 815
LoverGirl ( reported on 954-882-4513
This review created on 2014-04-16T02:21
This guy scouts for escorts and makes appointments he does not keep and tries to engage you in phone sex.
Recent reviews in Area Code 954
JV ( reported on 408-317-0867
This review created on 2014-04-16T01:46
After a dozen rings, a "Joe Locktower" or something of the sort (no mention of what he does or wants) has a message to leave name, contact number, and "case number". Sounds like a debt scam
Recent reviews in Area Code 408
Gabe ( reported on 520-200-7834
This review created on 2014-04-15T19:31
A call from this unknown number rang once and hung up, oftentimes a scam to get a call back for some unsavory purpose.
Recent reviews in Area Code 520
Lola Marie reported on 214-454-3207
This review created on 2014-04-15T18:38
they called me four times in the last 12 minutes.
Recent reviews in Area Code 214
Woody ( reported on 305-368-8259
This review created on 2014-04-15T16:39
This person is a scammer! Beware! Do not believe one word from this devil.
Recent reviews in Area Code 305
Linda ( reported on 206-651-3283
This review created on 2014-04-15T00:55
Asked who was calling and she refused to answer, asked again and she got rude, saying she was not going to fight with me(funny I thought I had a right to know who was calling,) she hung up
Recent reviews in Area Code 206
dafad ( reported on 215-589-6689
This review created on 2014-04-15T00:33
received a call. hung up immediately.
Recent reviews in Area Code 215
Tee ( reported on 973-842-4468
This review created on 2014-04-14T23:37
This number has been calling me all day and hanging up... It"s very annoying and aggravating.
Recent reviews in Area Code 973
bd ( reported on 815-347-2091
This review created on 2014-04-14T20:41
I"m getting texted to watch the new GOD movie.
Recent reviews in Area Code 815
Lily ( reported on 219-617-1953
This review created on 2014-04-14T15:17
Also he will send you a ticket of the pass with altered dates on it 11/01/14, don"t fall for this scam like I did, I have bought passes before and I have found people with integrity this guy just scams people watch out!
Recent reviews in Area Code 219
Lily ( reported on 219-617-1953
This review created on 2014-04-14T15:16
This guy claims he is David, black guys voice and has a monotone voice claims he has green rider tickets and send you a picture that is altered on the dates, then he Says go to store and buy vanilla network reload card. The sad part is that he sounds like he know how it works. Don"t fall for this scam, I would like to help other people that are thinking of it. 4419092144 this is posting code
Recent reviews in Area Code 219
Mark reported on 703-520-7036
This review created on 2014-04-14T11:17
McLean Econo Van Lines LLC 6903 Elm St McLean VA 22101-2827 (703) 520-7036 Our company can ensure not only professionalism, but also full range of moving services, with the guarantee of stress and worry free move.
Recent reviews in Area Code 703
Rod reported on 251-422-3112
This review created on 2014-04-14T08:03
Personal Comfort Heating & Air 2080 Laura Dr, Semmes, AL, 36575 (251) 422-3112 Best HVAC Contractor for all Semmes, AL region.
Recent reviews in Area Code 251
Rod reported on 612-685-0440
This review created on 2014-04-14T07:50
Krech Lawn Services, Inc. 637 11th Ave N, South St Paul, MN, 55075 (612) 685-0440 Offers a number of horticultural services for Commercial , Residential & Townhome associations !
Recent reviews in Area Code 612
Guest ( reported on 727-896-2023
This review created on 2014-04-13T18:54
Anne Hendon age 56 years old 727-742-6963 drove to a pay phone to call Iris Heim @ 1:54am, to say, dumb Bitch. The funniest thing I ever heard. Now who"s the dumb bitch.... Wow
Recent reviews in Area Code 727

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